Memoir Writing - Kauri Coast Rest Home 2013

This year we have been to visit the rest home and talk with some of the residents there about their lives. We have written these and will return to the rest home this Thursday to share with them and their families.

The life of Bill Hemmyns

Bill Hemmyns is a funny nice man. He was born in November 1919 in Te Kopuru. He is 94 years old. He has white hair and blue eye’s. He was not married and he doesn't have any kid’s. He went to Katui Primary.

At Katui Primary Bill got strapped a few times. He was in World War II in the Solomon Islands fighting against the Japanese. He has never broken the law. He liked his rugby and he played for Auckland Grammar School as a half back. He also liked fishing and hunting. He said he only shot two ducks. Bill also broke his leg.

Bill lived on a farm. He owned 200 acres. His first job was milking cattle. He had a dog called Don to help him move the cow’s.

Bill had a hip replacement which did not go well.  Now he likes to watch TV and snooze a lot.    

By Braedyn Hutchinson- Walters

The Life of Allan Neil

Allan Neil is a man aged 85.When he was young he played soccer
He has 9 toes 9 fingers
he lived in Scotland. Allan always wanted to be in the Navy and he got the strap heaps of times . He got married. One time he got drunk and  stole swimming gears from people houses. Allan was good at fencing. He said that people called him gi 9 sergeant. He has a brother .His dad was in the first World War  and he has a sister who died and his wife died too . He likes to eat weet-bix and he liked to chase girls when he was young .

By Michael Te Pana

Aubrey Aiken.

A short memory of Aubrey Aiken’s life.
Aubrey Aiken was born on the 3rd of April 1920. He has a wife, Elaine Aiken and he has four children, two boys and two girls. Aubrey was 27 years old when he and his wife got married. On the 27th of June 2013 Aubrey and his wife Elaine celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary . Aubreys youngest child is 50 years old and is currently living in Tasmania. He has two sisters, Eunice and Noelene. He also has one brother, Jim .

When Aubrey was young child he came to New Zealand for a visit. Aubrey left New Zealand on 24 October 1941 to join World War Two, at the age of 20. He made many good friends but unfortunately most of them passed away. While Aubrey was at war he would send many letters to his family when he had the spare time. He really liked seeing the British tanks arrive. Aubrey helped pick up the wounded and worked for the ambulance. He chose to stay behind therefore he stayed in Germany for 4 years to continue fighting in war for his country. In 4 years time he was captured by the Germans, in Crete, a few days before his 21st birthday. His little brother Jim went to war as well but unfortunately he was shot and he died. Jim was buried at the Mediterranean sea.
Aubrey always attends the dawn parade at the RSA cemetery. He dresses up and he wears his well earned medals from war.

After war was over Aubrey was flown to England for 91 days, then he was shipped back to New Zealand and he reconnected with his family.Aubrey was  a farmer and he loved herding cows. He also enjoyed helping his children with the horses.

Aubrey is a quiet person, enchanting blue eyes and lovely grey hair thank you for sharing your story.

By Harlym Kapa- Epiha

Gwendolyne Clark

Gwendolyne Clark was born In Australia In 1930.
She Is 83 years old.Gwen was born and bred in Australia. She has two sisters and one brother. Gwen use to hire boats and yachts and all they use do was sail up and down the harbour. Gwen also said that they hired horses; they went on some of their best adventures by horseback.

When she grew up Gwen worked for the Australian Air force.
She also worked in a nursery . She worked in Australia for four years . During that time the Vietnam War was on.

After that she came to New Zealand and thats where Gwen met her husband who was a Maori Chief named Aporo Hori Tawiti Clark. Gwendolyne and Aporo got married up In the Hokianga.

They lived up there for quite a while.                                                  
Gwen and Aporo got married up In the Hokianga in a tiny church.

While living up In the Hokianga they lived on a big farm .They grew their own fruit and vegetables and also went fishing .

Gwen and Aporo had two kids, one boy and one girl . Each of their kids had three kids each .She loves seeing her grandchildren.

Gwen has many hobbies such as reading books,art and watching television . She has a few spy movies, and heaps of musicals.      
Her favourite thing to do is spend time with her family.

To this day Gwen's husband Aporo Hori Tawiti Clark lays In peace  
up in the Hokianga . The place Gwen can go anytime she wants.

Gwen Is a older lady with dark grey hair . She has big round glasses and a huge smile. Gwens personality is really bright and joyful. She is a really nice person to be around.  

By Jordan

Barry Morrison
Barry was born on the 21 of December 1940 at  Muriwai.Barry is aged 72.

Barry is a kind person who has a funny sense of humor.He has white hair and blue eyes.He has done a lot of interesting things and is a very intelligent person.

While at school Barry would get the strap four times on each hand. If Barry lowered his hand he would get another four.Barrys classmate was getting the strap by the fireplace and the teacher would not stop.The kid picked up a block of wood and threw it at the teacher.He fell to the ground and was almost knocked out.

After leaving school Barry became a mechanic.He liked being a mechanic and ended up repairing jets for Air New Zealand.Barry could also fly planes and did a lot of dangerous things while flying.For example he would nose dive at ships and pull up late to scare the ships.But if he went over 150 miles per hour the plane would not pull up.And if the ship read the numbers on the plane they would report it and Barry could of gotten into a lot of trouble.

Barry also lived in Pahi where he owned a five hectare block.He thought that if he had a five hectare block in Queen Street then he would be very wealthy.So Barry grew a very rare flower which sold for $1.60 a stem and flowered twice a year.He grew 180 flowers.

  Barry also worked as a contractor,bailing hay bales.Contracting was a dangerous job.Barrys legs almost got chopped off by the machine but somebody turned the machine off just in time.He would bale 160 thousand hay bales a year.

Barry now lives at the Kauri Coast rest home.
Thank you Barry for sharing your life story with me.  

By George Fanning

Nelly Oscanlon
Nelly Oscanlon is a kind lady who loves and cherishes her children . Nelly was born in  Kaihu and grew up in Mamaranui.
She lived in a Nikau house and her family all slept on mattresses made out of bush.

Nelly’s mum sadly passed away when her little sister was only fourteen days old.  After her mum passed away Nelly helped her grandma and step dad look after her brothers and sisters.

When Nelly went to school she wasn’t the best in the class and use to always get the strap. She had to walk 2 miles to school and back . Nelly has a love for  animals. When she was a child she had a chicken with an extra tail that was joined to it with other parts of the body. Nelly also helped her family milk their cows by hand.

Nelly can speak both Te Reo Maori and English very fluently. Nelly’s first language when she was a child was Maori but then she had to learn English when she started working.
Nelly started working in her grandma’s orchid that was acres long and acres wide. Then when she was older she became a chef which was one of her goals. Nelly was the head of the kitchen where they cooked for two hundred men, women and their children.

Nelly was married two times and from those marriages she had eight children. Sadly five have passed away throughout the years. Nelly still has three children  alive.

Nelly was born in April and said she is 80 turning 90.  After Nelly has spent 89 years of life as a hard worker and mother  she has now decided to retire and relax and  now enjoys her life at the Kauri Coast Rest Home in Dargaville.

Nelly is a kind loving lady that has dark skin , brown eyes and grey hair and you would be very privileged if you get to talk to her about her life. Just like we had the chance to.

By Hannah Nichols & Kaija Rogers - Pirini

Hazel Roberts
Hazel Roberts is a 95 year old lady born on the 15th of August 1917. She lived in Royston Yorkshire in England on a small street that she says looks exactly like Coronation street.  She has two daughters and one son, she also has a great grandson called Israel.

Hazel has pretty brown eyes with a ring of light blue around them, her hair is gingery with a little bit of grey in it, Hazel loves the colour blue and her favourite thing to do is garden.

When Hazel was living in England her parents flipped a coin, heads was to move to New Zealand and tales to move to Canada, it took them 6 weeks to get her by boat.

Hazel left school at 16 and started to work at a sewing place, she hated it but says at least she had a job.

When Hazel was about 17 her one and only sibling, he little brother died at the age of 14, due to rheumatic fever. It affected his heart and unfortunately he passed away.

Hazel attended a few schools in her childhood, whilst in England she attended Royston Primary. Then when she came to New Zealand she went to Johnsonville Primary and then to Wellington Girls College. Because of her sewing job when she was young she was able to make her own and her children’s clothes as she didn't have much money to buy them.

Hazel never thought that she would come and live in Dargaville, she was used to being in big places like England, Rotorua and Canterbury, but now that she is here she is really glad to be in such a lovely place.

Hazel Roberts is a lovely, kind and funny person and i have enjoyed writing about her life, thank you. 

By Ishtar

George Montgomery  
George was born on 30th of March 1924 at Mititai,he was raised at Dargaville on Plunket street. He went to war in 1945 over in Egypt. But his passion was to build houses. He built 31 houses in Dargaville.

George likes sport,fishing and shooting. At the age of 16 he shot his first duck and at the age of 26 he first started fishing off the West Coast. George liked to play any sport and enjoys watching sports.

George likes to travel. He has been to Perth,Sydney and Melbourne. He says that Perth is the best place to go to over all.

George is married. He has 2 daughters and 10 great grandchildren. He has lost 1 sister and 2 brothers.

George is a 89 year old man who is a family man that stays at a rest home.   

By Adam Rae

      Kathy Anderson

Kathy Anderson was born in the 1945, she was born in Auckland and raised in Henderson.
Kathy enjoyed school until the age of fifteen then she left home and went to live with her boyfriend.
Her first job was working at the shop next door to her house. But then she was working at a sewing shop, but when Kathy was a kid she would always help her dad in their nursery.
She had three kids  one boy and two girls their names were Lawrence, Connie and Barbara. Kathy also had four siblings
which were all girls.
Kathy liked living in Auckland but she would prefer living in Dargaville. Kathy hasn't travelled the world but she would like to travel  New Zealand again.
Kathy liked eating smoked mullet,puha,scallops and toheroa but only when she was allowed.
Kathys uncle went to the second world war but her father couldn't go because he had a heart problem.
I would like to give a big thanks to Kathy Anderson for sharing her life story with me and my friend Danny.
kathy now lives at the Kauri coast rest home.  

By Romeo

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  1. Wonderful writing Room 4; you have met people who have lived such different lives to you all. Your writing shows a genuine interest; you have listened well to their life stories. Your lives have enriched with this experience; and I know they will remember your visits. Well done Room 4 and Mrs Takulua.
    Ms Papworth


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